Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Something that I wish everyone knew.

So many things in our world have twisted the ways that we look at our selves. Whether it be our bodies, or the work that we do, there's always that underlying feeling that "it's not good enough." I wish so badly that it wasn't this way.

Self image problems are something that I've never personally struggled with on a very deep level. However, some of the people I love the most struggle with their bodies and their self image. This has inspired me, which may sound odd because it's a very painful situation on all sides. That being said, it's a pain that is so twisted and sick that words cannot even describe my distaste for it.

This week, I'm  going to a Theology of the Body Camp. Today was the first day, and some of the things that were talked about at great length are things that girls (or anyone, for that matter) should know before they allow the Devil to distort the way that they think about their bodies.

First, think about the society we live in and how everything seems to be saturated by the way that men and women tend to treat people of the opposite sex as objects of lust. Whether we realize it or not, it happens. The devil wants us to believe this lie. He wants us to believe that it's okay to be objectified and dissatisfied with God's creation. It's so easy to get caught up in all of the lies that are thrown at us, and to lose sight of what is real and true. It's important to know that it is all a LIE. Don't let the devil fool you.

Second, we talked a lot about desire today. Something that I found to be very interesting is that desire in and of itself is not bad. Desire is in fact a very good thing, and most human desires are rooted in good, Godly things. However, the society that we live in twists those desires with the devil's help. He wants us to believe that these struggles, and pains that we feel about ourselves are burdens that we just have to carry through life. He wants us to believe that God can't relieve us of the struggle and pain. He wants us to believe that there's no way that we can be better; we're just stuck the way that we are-- broken.

He's wrong.

God has already won. He has already fought the fight for us. All that needs to be done is done-- except our part. This is the part where people have to surrender their troubles, pains, struggles, and insecurities at his alter. Lay it all down at his feet. He wants to take it from you.

Another thing I want to point out, especially to girls that have self image problems, is that there are so many ways to be healthy and still look great. Working out and eating right is a great place to start. When most men are asked a question regarding whether they think unhealthily skinny girls are attractive, most would say they didn't.

Good rule of thumb: Dogs like bones, Real Men like meat.

Just be yourself. This is such an easy statement to make, but seems to be hard to live out at times. The best relationships are those that are spurred by moments when you're YOU. Don't let the devil or anyone else tell you that you're not good enough, or that your body isn't right the way it is. Appreciate the way that God created you, and you'll become more and more comfortable in your own skin everyday.

"You are all-beautiful, my beloved, and there is no blemish in you."-Song of Songs.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First. Blog. EVER.

Wow. Never thought I'd be a blogger! However, I am really glad I decided to make a blog. There are so many times that I've thought of interesting topics, or ideas and forgotten to share it with another person. Hopefully those interesting things will appear on these pages!

I think the first things I want to blog about are blessings.

I've been so blessed my entire life. As cliche' as that sounds, it's so true. I'm starting to realize more of life's more simple blessings as I grow up. For starters, I have a great family that sticks together. I have a great group of holy, amazing friends that build me up each and every day (thanks guys). I have a wonderful job that I love, and will be starting college in the fall at a University that I'm lucky to attend. Most of all though, I'm blessed to be raised in the Catholic Faith, and to be loved by a God who is Almighty and All-powerful.

Without these blessings I would be nothing, which is why I've decided to make them my first blog.

That being said, it's really late here.  
So hopefully I'll have more to write about tomorrow...or later today.
Peace out for now:) thanks for reading.